DIY Crochet Bathroom Door Organizer

DIY Crochet Bathroom Door Organizer

DIY Crochet Bathroom Door Organizer

If you love crafts, and know how to crochet (or want to tackle your first project), why not try your hand at this DIY Crochet Bathroom Door Organizer! It’s way less expensive (and prettier!) than the plastic or metal ones you can buy at the store!


The instructions can be found in the August 2013 issue of Crochet World, or, you can download it here.

Crochet World August 2013
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  1. Sweta Sonulkar says

    This looks awsome on my door of bathroom and would fit my all daily necessities of my son and my family for bath since its clutter free and hangs on the door which any small kid cannot reach and looks very good as this design looks hand made and colour too is very nice.

  2. lisa says

    That’s cute. I could really use something like that to tidy up the counter. Too bad I’m not crafty.

  3. Becky Schollian says

    This is fabulous!! How creative. I love to crochet. My G’ma will love this pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lisa White says

    I can’t find the instructions. I keep clicking on links, but I’m redirected to something that doesn’t have the instructions. Help!

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